Bayt Al Waldah History

In 1984, I was sitting with my father in this place and he used to tell me his memories and adventures during the diving days. I could see in his face the happiness and excitement while he reminisced those old days. How I wished he took me with him to share the same feelings he had then.

Having my eyes closed, the scent of oud touched me, exactly the same smell on my father’s veil coinciding the sea breeze. When I opened my eyes, I saw the ships and the modernity of Doha, but I did not see my father though I could still recall his voice saying – Don’t worry my daughter, dreams may be far this time but seek and trust God’s plan, for He will make it near and real.

Bayt Al Waldah History

Core Values

People of many Nations of black and white and brown They celebrate their culture in the big park in the town Their costumes are so beautiful so flowery and bright A look into their cultures is an amazing sight. I am my mother’s kitchen. I am her legacy and I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me.

Core  Values


Hissa Al-Sulaiti
Chef Hissa Al Sulaiti, despite her young age, Chef Hissa Al Sulaiti has succeeded in achieving great success in the field of hospitality and investment in a very short period.
Starting out as a culinary hobbyist, she quickly moved on to become the founder of Ajwan Hospitality Group.
In addition to participating in many investments and projects in the field of hospitality,
Chef Hissa’s unique skills in management, business development and communication are not limited to her sector alone, in fact, she quickly expanded her business activities to exploit her unique skills in the business world by investing in various diversified sectors.
With his vision and awareness of the importance of creating unique projects in Qatar, supported by her global reach and activities, Chef has become a key personal stake and distinction in the development of the project.
With a wide-open perspective and insight that captures the latest developments taking place in the international community through her many travels, Chef Hissa is always enthusiastic and focused on employing and implementing such ideas in Qatar which puts him at the fore.
Many thanks
Chef Hissa