Bayt Al Waldah

In 1984, I was sitting with my father in this place and he used to tell me his memories and adventures during the diving days. I could see in his face the happiness and excitement while he reminisced those old days. How I wished he took me with him to share the same feelings he had then.

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Customers Reviews

Food taste good. Be prepared to wait a little bit for the rice and it is worth it. The chicken is tender and juicy.

Will go back to try the meat once again

JW Loh
Doha - Qatar

We had Badawi (meet & rice) upon the chef’s recommendation.. it wasn’t good enough. But, the Harees & Mdhroobah were good. Average cost per person 110 riyals.

aeybintm a
Doha - Qatar

Farid’s service and professionalism was as wonderful as the food. We shared a variety of local traditional dishes. If you are visiting and unsure where to have dinner, you won’t regret stopping here.

Saad Al Khaldi
Doha - Qatar

Bayt Alwaldah is an excellent restaurant. The food is delicious and the view of the old port is amazing. You would be eating your food with an amazing view of the water. I met the owner of the restaurant by chance and she is truly an amazing woman.

Nourhan Ibrahim
Doha - Qatar


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